Why Attend a WISP Event?

Women are under-represented in STEM at around ~23% of the core workforce (for details see the latest WISE Report). This can often be isolating and may be one of the factors that leads to women leaving STEM careers at higher rates than their male colleagues.

Click on the tabs below to find out how WISP events are designed to help with this problem via our three aims: to inspire, support and promote women in STEM and STEM jobs to women.

Scroll down for more information on the types of events we run.

  • Discover new STEM opportunities for your students or children.
  • Discover new STEM job opportunities for yourself!
  • Be inspired by local women (and men) with a passion for STEM or gender equality.
  • Get ideas to start or develop your own workplace women’s network or support group.
  • Learn something new!
  • Meet people facing similar career challenges to you and ask their advice.
  • Share your wisdom with people who are facing a challenge in their STEM career.
  • Share experiences with other women in STEM and our allies.
  • Find out how other women deal with inequality in their workplace.
  • Find out how to support your female colleagues.
  • Learn a new skill or practice one in a friendly environment.
  • Spread the word about your fantastic work in STEM!
  • Promote your business as an employer of choice for women.
  • Bust a stereotype! Show the world (or the Plymouth travel-to-work-area) what women CAN do.
  • Gain self-confidence and learn how to promote your work.